HP Consumer Accessories - Price List
Part No. Mouse (3 Yrs) PRICE
H2C21AA USB Optical Mouse X1000 - Laptop 400
KY619AA HP 3Button Opt. Mouse - Desktop 400
H6E99AA HP Wired Mouse X1200 - Dual 399
H2C22AA HP X3000 Wireless Mouse 989
Part No. Keyboard & Mouse (3 Yrs) PRICE
H3C52AA HP Wired Keyboard K1500 599
H3C53AA HP Wired Combo Kit C2500 944
H4K67AA HP Multimedia Keyboard K2000 with Cover 809
LV290AA HP Wireless Multimedia Keyboard & Mouse 1850
Part No. Headphones & Speakers PRICE
EL283PA Dual Earphones + Microphone 675
RF824AA HP Stereo Headset 750
H2C23AA HP Headphones H1000 400
B4B09PA HP Headset with Mic (Single jack with Connector) 800
H6T14AA HP H2300 In-Earphone - Black 990
H6T15AA HP H2300 In-Earphone - White 990
H6T18AA HP H2300 In-Earphone - Red/Black 990
BR387AA HP 2.0 Compact Speakers 699
BR368AA HP Multimedia Speakers 1299
Part No. Cases & Backpacks PRICE
B0U04PA HP Mini Notebook Sleeve 499
H3J54AA HP Ultra Book Sleeve 14" 1200
B0T88PA HP Executive 17" Backpak 2500
LB769PA HP All Weather Backpak (Blue) 2599
H4X02AA HP Select 75 Backapk 2499
Part No. Style Accessories PRICE
EL285PA Cleaning Kit 600
Part No. Web Camera PRICE
(A5F65AA) HP VGA Webcam 1300 1199
BK356AA HP Webcam HD 3100 2280
Part No. Adapters PRICE
KG298AA    90W Smart Pin AC Adapter with INDIA 2450
H4N92AA 65W AC Adapter 1800
WE449AA#ACJ HP Mini 40W Power Adapter INDIA 2200
Part No. Battery (Compatibility Chart Inclosed) PRICE
WD548AA (3Yrs) 6 Cell Battery 5300
KS524AA 6 Cell Battery 5400
NY220AA HP BX06 Mini Battery 4400
B8R29PA HP 8X dvdrw Slim Writer 3000

*price may change without any notice, VAT extra.